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Fighting for the safety of women and children around the world


  1. Mothers, prepare for Nuclear War.
    Published: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 18:44:55
    Nuclear war imminent. Trump administration’s failed USA-NK policy had war as its only fallback. Women, step in now or prepare families for nuclear war. In this article we offer a comprehensive guide to creating a simple fallout shelter that doubles as a climate-change-extreme weather shelter. What to store, how to treat radiation sickness and more… … Continue reading  The article Mothers, prepare for Nuclear War. first appeared on RINJ RINJ.
  2. Dotard & RocketMan Must Stand Down
    Published: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 03:38:15
    Asia is close to nuclear holocaust. Two of the most renown misogynists on Planet Earth are each speaking publicly about their respective patriarchies killing millions of Asians in East and South East Asia because these two males are angry at … Continue reading  The article Dotard & RocketMan Must Stand Down first appeared on RINJ RINJ.
  3. End Ethnic Cleansing. Allow Muslims Their Rights.
    Published: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 06:57:46
    Religion has gone Bloody Mad The amount of bloody rape and murder the Muslim community must tolerate from so-called Christians in the 21st Century seems to be as bad or worse than the atrocities in the 20th Century — and … Continue reading  End Ethnic Cleansing. Allow Muslims Their Rights.
  4. Fighting Hate in Canada for the Safety of Women & Children.
    Published: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 13:44:46
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is correct in saying that Canada has an Islamophobia and anti-Semitism problem. The way ahead must be Inclusivity and diversity. Hate gives license to numerous atrocities committed around the world. This is real and it is shameful. Many Canadians are killing … Continue reading Fighting Hate in Canada for the Safety of Women & Children.
  5. Pleading the Rights of Millions in the Philippines
    Published: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 11:56:23
    Message to Filipinos who Elected a Rapist & Murderer President and a Plea to the World for help. We are many of your nurses, doctors and medical emergency service workers. Our members get our data from the hospital pathology teams … Continue reading  Pleading the Rights of Millions in the Philippines
  6. RINJ Consultation to the United Nations – Jan. 2017 – More Women Peacekeepers Needed
    Being raped in a United Nations’ Protection of Civilians (PoC) camp is not the fulfillment of a promise of safety that beckoned these people to be there. From a position of trust, UN rapists commit the most heinous of crimes. It is a cancer the UN has been unable to treat.Read more: UN Peacekeeping Gender Change
  7. (5-12) Child Rape & Abortion Reality: Death
    Published: Mon, 31 Jul 2017 07:15:29
    Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to adults who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children. When society allows the rape of small, ovulating children, abortion is on … Continue reading  (5-12) Child Rape & Abortion Reality: Death
  8. Irish Court Becomes Beacon of Abortion Stupidity
    Basically the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland said, “It’s not up to the Court” when it was asked an opinion on two high court rulings in 2015 and 2016 that said the existing abortion laws violated a woman’s rights … Continue reading  Irish Court Becomes Beacon of Abortion Stupidity
  9. “End Child Sex Trade” 5th Campaign Starts Now No matter who you are, there is no greater person than the one who stoops down to help a child. — RINJ June 21, 2017 Cebu City, Philippines — The RINJ Foundation’s 5th Annual Campaign Against Child Sex Slavery … Continue reading “End Child Sex Trade” 5th Campaign Starts Now
  10. Falling American Values: Rapist Cosby is Free Just like other rich men who buy impunity, men like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton accused rapist Bill Cosby has a litany of rape & sexual assault allegations made against him over a long period of time. (See list below) Following six — Continue reading Falling American Values: Rapist Cosby is Free
  11. FGM: The American Neo-Cons’ Dark Secret Watch the Video and read below what Facebook says, Ever since Misogynist-In-Chief Donald Trump came to power the trampling of women’s rights has increased especially by Trump’s corporate cronies. Read also: FGM is a common Child Sexual Assault Crime FGM – Continue readingFGM: The American Neo-Cons’ Dark Secret
  12. What happens now to a Filipino Soldier Who Rapes
    The RINJ Foundation Women warn Filipino soldiers to ignore their Commander-in-Chief Duterte’s rape order and stop raping Muslim Women in Mindanao because there will be no impunity as promised illegitimately by Duterte. Troops will be accountable under international law for war crimes and the penalty for rape is life in prison. Continue reading  What happens now to a Filipino Soldier Who Rapes
  13. RINJ Women Comparing 2 Rape Proponents: Trump to Duterte
    The things that USA President Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte share in common is that both are misogynists & Islamophobes. Trump & Duterte are violent toward women and are both sensational recruiters for al Qaeda & The Islamic State (ISIS). Continue reading …
  14. Philippines’ Tempest in a Teapot Could Explode
    May 27, 2017 – Manila – The Skirmish could become Civil War if Duterte’s Martial Law runs a year as he threatens. Women and children are in extreme danger in this country and will need international assistance if not intervention. Continue reading
  15. Can Duterte Save Rein-of-Terror Presidency? No. Get out.
    No. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ignored the world’s warnings and has killed thousands of our innocent children. He must leave our country. In the Philippines a person is innocent until proven guilty by a Court with lawful jurisdiction. Duterte can’t be bothered with … Continue reading Can Duterte Save Rein-of-Terror Presidency? No. Get out.
  16. Falun Dafa Women face rape, organ harvesting.
    Truth, compassion and tolerance is the mantra of a spiritual group that has since 1998 challenged the totalitarian-communist beliefs of various regimes running China with fascinating concepts like “truth-compassion-forbearance” and tried to exert its right to exist as a spiritual … Continue reading
  17. Duterte Drug War Murders Alarm UN Humanitarians
    In Manila, the phone rings and a women in a shaky voice speaks haltingly asking, ‘can you help me, po’. The RINJ Foundation worker responds with a “yes” and a flood of words begins from the caller. Someone has been … Continue reading  Duterte Drug War Murders Alarm UN Humanitarians
  18. Treating Post Traumatic Rape Syndrome
    War Survivors suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Post Traumatic Rape Syndrome (PTRS) is suffered by rape survivors. PTRS is a different illness than PTSD . The RINJ Foundation medical practitioners have become very talented in identifying PTSD and PTRS. … Continue reading 
    Treating Post Traumatic Rape Syndrome
  19. Subdue Gropers, then get to safety.
    … does that make sense? RINJ is Teaching Women and Kids To Clobber Gropers because they are Dangerous Rapists Warning: The time has come for everyone of all ages to learn this message. Groping will no longer be tolerated. Dramatic … Continue reading 
    Subdue the Groper, then get to safety.
  20. More article & news listings covering the fight for safety of women and children.

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