Civil society Women Seek UN Sanctions Against Kuwait

Joanna Demafelis abused, murdered and stuffed in a freezer is just one example.

Here in Toronto, we are the focus of Incel MRA websites lauding murder/maiming of 25 Canadians by a man who says he soldiers for armies of misogynists. Concomitantly in Kuwait, a group of equally misogynistic men are hurting a South East Asian country because they feel Kuwaiti men have the right to rape, beat & even murder their Filipino maids. Women are angry.

Press Release (04/26/2018) Toronto ON — The RINJ Foundation Women, a Toronto-based global Civil Society women’s group is asking the United Nations for economic sanctions against Kuwait in retaliation to what RINJ  claims are systemic abuses of a class of people in Kuwait.

 In a strongly-worded published release the group’s South East Asia spokesperson, Sharon Santiago, says “here we are in 2018 after five years of ISIS monsters raping, beating and killing women with impunity; as some male looney in Toronto smashes 25 Canadians in the name of misogyny; and now Kuwait wants to smash the Philippines because the good Philippines’ people are upset about their raped and murdered overseas workers in Kuwait.”

“The core problem,” says Santiago, “is that Kuwait genuinely believes that it has the right to beat, rape and even murder Filipino maids and nannies. Kuwait is creating a huge smokescreen of diplomatic nonsense to mask systemic abuse of women, our sisters.

“This will not stand”, says the Civil Society humanitarian. “We will seek a conference on the matter within the United Nations, if possible. We may even host this event quickly within the Philippines, or in a neutral country.

“In the meantime,” Santiago added, “we urge the General Assembly of the United Nations to address this urgent concern following the representative death of our sister, Joanna Demifelis in Kuwait, and the horrific strike against all women of the world, in the Canadian city of Toronto, by The Incel MRA Movement. Impunity for violent misogyny has gone on too long.”



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