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Updated November 5, 2017 – Notwithstanding your reproductive rights, for safety reasons, RINJ has vehemently urged women in areas of armed conflict to avoid pregnancy. Always use some form of contraception. Extremely high infant and maternal mortality rates plus heightened incidence of rape in war zones drive the RINJ Foundation Women to share this generalized advice. Much more than half the women die under these circumstances. Almost the same number of babies die. Use good judgment. Use a contraceptive. Get to safety. Then plan your family.

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“Denying the reproductive rights of family partners is a violation of human rights,” says RINJ.

Read the headlines. Most politicians are male and most don’t have the first clue about how a woman’s body works.  Some of the anecdotal examples are beacons of stupidity about the womb. Why get into it.

Criminalizing Abortion Is Wrong-Minded

If you were a serious medical researcher you would know that on average 75% of all conceptions fail.  Some regions of the globe are worse than others.

Why is that important?

That is what researchers, compiling a wide range of surveys and studies, estimate for the percentage of fertilized eggs that do not result in a full-term pregnancy, factoring in miscarriages but also failed implantation that usually pass without the mother ever missing a menstruation period.

You still there? Did you want to argue that life begins at conception?

Well, it does in a very small number of instances. At inception of pregnancy it is impossible to know which ones will succeed. Most fertilized eggs fail to implant.

Between the time an egg is fertilized to the time the egg implants solidly is what? Is there life? No. It’s possible, but not likely. Do you understand that?  Wait a while. In a very short time you can talk to your baby and your baby is “listening”. Don’t even think about ending your baby’s life.

Next. 31% Of pregnancies with confirmed implantation end in miscarriage. Are you starting to get the idea that life is precious?

Get a medical degree before you start arguing about what you think you can “*recommend” in another woman’s body. Then you need to have her consent before collecting medical information and making a diagnosis.

Induced abortion is a sad moment the Doctor/Patient must decide

Discussing the medical procedures involved in a failed pregnancy requiring intervention is beyond your ability *unless you are the patient or the doctor in the case.

Medical research lab studies on IVF patients have found that a very large percentage of eggs harbour chromosome abnormalities (the leading cause of miscarriage) and another study found that in natural cycles, about 22% of all conceptions never complete implantation.

Further studies on environmental impacts are needed but another factor in failed pregnancies exists and is more prominent in environmentally challenging regions of the world.

If a miscarriage does not take place naturally the patient could die. The medical decision and choice of intervention procedure and its timing is not your call.

It should suffice that it is a crime to bring harm to another person. A baby is a young person and they need your protection.  In other words, the laws that you need to protect the sanctity of life exist as globally common statutes. There are valid mitigation arguments for extenuating circumstances that make what is normally a crime, not a crime. Self-defence, the right to your life, is one.

Being number 20 on a triage list that has patients in worse condition than you but you are at death’s door and your care comes too late–did anyone commit a crime? Courts, precedents and law exist for the universal protection of the right to life.

*You don’t decide what happens inside her womb.


The decision of a rape survivor regarding a dilation and curettage is the right of the patient and her medical team and none of anyone else’s business. 

Reproductive Rights

Caring for children and their families is something the people of Earth need to relearn. 


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