As the INF Ends, VOICES raise for Nuclear Disarmament

Special Media Release (07/28/2019) Toronto, ON – The women of The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society NGO based in Toronto is responding to the United States’ advancement of nuclear weapons development and Donald Trump’s cancellation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement  with Russia by launching a global nuclear disarmament campaign called “Join Voices“.

Join Voices for Nuclear Disarmament and Demilitarize Space

Join Voices With Civil Society

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute nuclear warhead inventories. Each of these nuclear-weapon countries is involved in very serious conflicts. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute nuclear warhead inventories.
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Nuclear weapons assail the safety of women and children around the world.

  1. The United States,
  2. The Chagos Islands,
  3. United Kingdom,
  4. France,
  5. Israel,
  6. Iran,
  7. Pakistan,
  8. India,
  9. Russia,
  10. China, and the
  11. DPRK

Feminine-PerspectiveJoin Voices With Civil Society

According to Sharon Santiago of The RINJ Foundation, “our goal is to assemble members around the world, led by the best and the brightest to promote and achieve global nuclear disarmament and demilitarization of space in concert with the UN Secretary General”.

“Our method initially,” she said,  “is to support the UN Secretary General’s 5-Point Plan for nuclear disarmament plus further initiatives we (you and other members) may decide by vote. We shall challenge commitments of political candidates and government representatives on our aims for a more peaceful Earth through a viable and sustainable nuclear disarmament process and the same for the demilitarization of space.”