Canada’s mistake in attacking China is epic and headed for war of one kind or another.

Trump and Trudeau are going to war with China and nobody told Canadians.

Trump and Trudeau are going to war with China and nobody told Canadians.

Special News Release (01/29/2019) Toronto ON – The Toronto-based women’s group RINJ reported last 7 December a claim that Meng Wanzhou arrest is a purely political effort to slam 5G  – AI – IoT technologies Competitor Huawei and the emerging and developing economy of China.

Concomitantly the United States claims it wants Sabrina Meng extradited to America by proactive intervention of Canada because allegedly Ms. Meng tried to trick HSBC bank (which was under indictment itself and willing to say anything to find relief)  into breaching sanctions against Iran which Canada is not part of and most of the world disagrees with. That means that Meng has not commit a crime in Canada nor in China.

The claim that America is violating the human rights of this woman for commercial and political purpose has been confirmed by statements by the US President Trump and by subsequent events and investigative reports on the matter including a detailed New York Times article entitled: In 5G Race With China, U.S. Pushes Allies to Fight Huawei.

The RINJ Foundation, a civil society women’s group based in Toronto has long established an interest in the women-led corporation Huawei Technologies as one that follows a more family-focus feminine perspective with intelligent team-building and innovation-sharing, inclusive of partners around the world plus the end user.

Through a series of reports the group has set out that:

The American attacks on Huawei claiming the company is a spy have no evidence to support the claims over the past thirty years, moreover, all the allegations are of privacy violations for which the accuser has been found guilty.

The accuser has been alleged to abuse the private information of internet users to win elections and is the subject of an ongoing investigation related to collusion with Russia in the 2016 controversial presidential election.

The accuser has spent too much of its money for wrongful military purpose costing far too many civilian lives and has neglected research and development investment for the benefit of its citizens. It now attacks emerging and developing China which has done its due diligence and surged ahead to benefit from its own achievement.

Meanwhile China has diligently invested in its scientists and their education plus inserted substantial R&D funding to its industry’s research and development efforts to become the world’s largest innovation economy.

See Forbes report: China Is Building The World’s Largest Innovation Economy

The accuser is an abusive bully that has made threats to allies in order to coerce those nations it feels it can manipulate.

The accuser relies on a so-called security group known as
Five Eyes (FVEY) which by its own admission is a racist group that seeks to advance only the interests of what has often been described as the “anglosphere” and operates on the principle that all Asian nations and peoples are enemies with ill-intent.

The security group known as  Five Eyes (FVEY) on its resume and record of achievement has its notorious allegation of Iraq and Saddam Hussein being in possession of weapons of mass destruction such as atomic bombs and chemical weapons none of which have ever been found but after making its allegation it thereafter proceeded to kill a million Iraqis in order to end the rule of Saddam Hussein.

The security group known as  Five Eyes (FVEY) therefore has no credibility and cannot be trusted to make decisions that could again lead to major war.

The accuser, America, has through an abuse of process related to an extradition treaty with Canada compelled Canada to enjoin American malevolence toward the people of Iran and the people of China which is not the wish of Canadians by any plebiscite or election.

In the event that the Canadian Prime Minister seeks a mandate to engage in war with the countries to which it enjoins American malevolence, he should issue a plebiscite or call an election in order to enlighten Canadians of the extreme risks he is taking.

Ordinarily the markets decide what direction consumers wish to take in the purchase of consumer technology but the accuser of Meng Wanzhou says that it must be the decider.

The accuser is widely described as a misogynistic actor and is governed by what is widely described as a racist and sexist character. Attacks on Huawei and Ms. Sabrina Meng are consistent with that description and motivation.

In a statement it published Monday, the RINJ group said that “Firing Canada’s Ambassador to China John McCallum, looked a lot like Trudeau pouring gasoline on his career and setting fire to it. McCallum was correct in all that he said to criticise the American case against Canada’s Justice department  and Sabrina Meng. Moreover, McCallum  is an honest man who put Canada first and political expediency last.”

see: Attacking China because Huawei is amazing is immoral war.

The RINJ Foundation as a Canadian entity disowns the actions of Canada’s government in cooperating with the ill-intentioned accuser of Ms. Meng in this matter of 5G – AI – IoT technology advantages, no matter if Canada’s normally wise leadership acts wrongly out of:  willfulness, out of being deceived or bullied by the accuser,  or out of naivete.