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Special Media Release (05/07/2019) Toronto, ON – The RINJ Foundation, a Toronto-based global civil society women’s group has announced that its free news publication FPMag has worked out a collaborative agreement with WebRadio Canada to deliver relevant global news coverage in exchange for free streaming multi-lingual music at RINJ postings around the world.

This will enable workers, especially young women away from home for the first time,  to feel more relaxed and at home in strange surroundings,” says Sharon Santiago of RINJ.

“It will also deliver important content 
from the female perspective to a wider audience. Right now RINJ is fighting HIV and Measles which is not a good combination. Getting the word out about how well Vaccines Work is a big mission that this collaboration will help,” said Behar Abbasi who has been leading the RINJ humanitarian effort in Yemen following a two year stint in Syria.

WebRadio Canada (WebRadio.ca) has concurrently announced that it will now incorporate Feminine-Perspective Magazine‘s daily features and news reports in its daily operations and website.

FPMag is a free-service Canadian World News publication of The RINJ Foundation since 2017.

WebRadio Canada has been digitally broadcasting music and news content to Canadian humanitarian and military outposts since 2003. In a release, WebRadio.ca says it will leave the newscasts to FPMag and focus strongly on its popular streaming music.

WebRadio.ca is the free public service of WebRadio Canada Internationalbroadcasting music to Canadians and special medical support crews of the RINJ Foundation Nurses around the world. WebRadio Canada serves streaming content to the Canadian Armed Forces bases and U.N. Peacekeeping Missions globally and has done so since May 2003.

Feminine Perspective Magazine (FPMag) is published by the Civil Society women’s group, The RINJ Foundation which is Canadian based. FPMag delivers daily news and features from a female perspective covering world news. The women’s group has members in 107 countries and many are working volunteers or employees who observe, analyse and report what they learn in many parts of the world, all from the perspective of women who are among the strongest humanitarian workers in the world.

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 Feminine Perspective Magazine is published by The RINJ Foundation a Canadian Incorporated Civil Society (CSO) Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN since 2017

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