Facebook Squad-attacks has Women’s group urging FB Account Deletions

Special Media Release (07/22/2019) TORONTO, ON – The Toronto-based RINJ Foundation Women’s Group has released a statement in response to the social media attacks on four young American Congresswomen.

The RINJ Women are urging all of the women and children around the world to delete their Facebook account and they are showing them how. 

The Squad: Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley & Ilhan Omar. Facebook assails the safety of women and children. It actually encourages the breeding of hatred and false information in order to create virtual riots to raise billable traffic.
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RINJ is a civil society women’s group with women’s and children’s support operations in many developing nations and in numerous war zones. 

Sharon Santiago, a regional director of RINJ says that she and her colleagues are seeing the impact of the Social Media platform’s racist misogyny through South Asia and she says her fellow executives report the same degradation of the rights of women and children.

“I just had a satellite conversation with one of our doctors in Iraq who was very upset. She was told when she complained to a hospital administrator about the abusive treatment towards female nurses that, ‘they are treated better than Congresswomen so you have nothing to complain about.'”. The complaint had to do with one of the nurses being raped.

The Facebook social media platform has exploded with abuse towards four young non-white women in the US Congress and the patriarch around the world has jumped into the fray with exuberance to mock all women. Facebook content is out of control. Take for example the recent photographs submitted by the US Customs and Border Patrol showing American Congresswomen performing random sexual acts on the US President.

The Instructions on how to delete your Facebook account and why are here.

The group’s statement says: “Facebook does nothing to stop the breeding of hatred and false information on its platform. Those things create emotion-driven traffic and stimulate the creation of zealots and the equivalent of virtual riots on its platform. That traffic on a single day is worth $billions.”

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