House of Saud under threat by Women not to kill Israa.

Special Release (08/27/2018) Toronto, ON – The RINJ Foundation Women (a Toronto based Civil Society women’s group) are no strangers to extreme violence against women from men who say they are committed to the teachings of Sunni Islam.

This is Israa-al-Ghomgham and the Saudis want to kill her because she demonstrated on behalf of Shi'ite Muslims but Saudi population and the House of Saud is Sunni Muslim

Pictured above is Israa al-Ghomgham. The Saudis want to execute her because she demonstrated on behalf of Shi’ite Muslims whereas Saudi’s population, and the House of Saud, are Sunni Muslim.

Israa has been imprisoned in harsh conditions for 32 months all the while Saudi Arabia has slaughtered over 9000 innocent Shia Muslim civilians in neighbouring Yemen, helped by America whose current President has a passionate hate for most women but apparently, Shia women in particular.

If the House of Saud beheads this women, says Melissa Hemingway,  Feminine-Perspective Magazine predicts the eventual end of the House of Saud as despotic state leaders.  (Photo Credit: Screen capture from Saudi TV)

“Somebody needs to address the sickening propensity of certain State leadership to murder civilians”, said Melissa from an undisclosed airport in Saudi Arabia as she left the country to visit Tehran.

“Clearly Islam’s flaw is its propensity to murder”, she added. “…and the women of the world are getting sick of the violence and intimidation of despotic Sharia fanatics like Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and his father the king in the House of Saud.”

“It’s like the stoning and beheading of women in Mosul, Iraq by ISIS has come back”, says Ms. Hemingway, “despite the enormous cost of ‘liberation‘ in civilian lives to stop Daesh doing this, the beheading and stoning of women continues now in Saudi Arabia.  Perpetrators have been given new impunity by the frequency and commonality of violence against women who speak out their opinions as Israa did in 2015″


House of Saud under threat not to kill Israa.

Is Israa al-Ghomgham too intelligent for the men who lever the Saudi population with their wealth, repression and extreme violence?

“Is that why  Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (aka  MbS ) fears Israa?”, the RINJ women are asking. 

Regardless, if the House of Saud beheads this women, Feminine-Perspective predicts the eventual end of the House of Saud‘s national leadership.


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