Idlib, Syria // Deadly line in the sand.

RINJ Foundation Nurses help Civilians flee from Idlib Syria under Russian Bombing attack

Bashar al-Assad Crosses deadly line in the sand if he ‘Exterminates’ Civilians in Idlib

Special Release (09/07/2018) Toronto, ON — Yesterday RINJ Foundation Nurses and their families fled from Idlib, Syria as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gathered troops along the Idlib border and prepared artillery and rocket batteries for delivery of Chemical Weapons.

The RINJ Foundation is a Civil Society medical NGO headquartered in Toronto Ontario, operating in the Middle East in a medical humanitarian action for women and children impacted by gender-based violence.

The group says it wants to warn the world that a severe escalation of the Middle East conflict involving Russia, the United States, Turkey, Iran and the al-Assad Regime which controls only half of Syria is in the wind.

2018/09/07 T 09:42Z Update: Putin Arrives in Tehran for Talks on Idlib, 

Today, high-level meetings in Tehran, Iran and of the UN Security Council will seek solutions.

Yesterday, RSAC Nurse  Behar Abassi led a convoy of families north out of Idlib. Abassi’s own family had been evacuated in April from  Douma, in the eastern part of Ghouta, then yesterday morning fled Idlib north then toward eastern Syria amidst Russian bombing attacks.

The RINJ Women’s group reports from Idlib that all sides have some form of chemical weapons, just as the Russian spokespersons have claimed, but in the case of the rebels, they are using crude variants of household chlorine bleach or steel cylinders of weaponized chlorine they have stolen from the Assad Regime. She said that she has in the past seen evidence of crude chemical labs operated by ISIS.

The other side, the Syrian Arab Army is using, she said, what Pope Francis has described as “Weapons of Extermination”.

Nurse Abassi aquired substantial training in treating survivors of toxic chemical attacks plus extensive in-field experience. She was present and attended patients in one of the Douma chemical attacks. Her ability to interpret witness accounts has been trusted by UN and US experts. She says that a chemical attack is coming from the Syrian side and that local Jihadists also are preparing crude implementations of chlorine that she believes will be used against civilians whom she says are in a de facto sense exploited as human shields.

Abassi has also noted that many ISIS Jihadists are present in the Idlib region but have little or no purpose other than causing death to civilians as it is clear they will not keep possession of the region, only destroy infrastructure, themselves and the lives of millions.

The so-called rebels in the region of about 3 million people have been fighting with each other and killing hundreds of civilians in the process.

US President Donald Trump has taken the warning of chemical weapons seriously and threatened vigorous action in the event.

Meanwhile the new U.S. special adviser for Syria, Jim Jeffrey, said yesterday there is “lots of evidence” that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian forces around Idlib, based on US intelligence gathering technology.

The RINJ women’s group has repeatedly pleaded with Turkey, Iran and Russia to find an alternative solution by working with the Governor of Idlib region and the civilians who seek a peaceful existence in this historically significant region of the Middle East.

Meanwhile the gravity of the situation in the whole has been described in the past hours as “A Perfect Storm” by a US official involved in the discussions.

American soldiers in the Syria, Jordan, Iraq border area have told RINJ medical workers that they fear attacks from the Russian military which has already exhibited aggressive conduct and looks at all comers who might dilute its goal of long-term dominance in the region.

The USA has control of  al-Tanf  and a 50 kilometers area which in 2015 was an Iraq-Syria-Jordan corridor transfer point  for armaments transport and transit of ISIS terrorists moving freely from country to country, unhindered. It was also a conduit for moving human slaves that ISIS had captured and offered for sale on the Human Slave Market. The USA having won the battle for  al-Tanf maintains a small but effective detachment of special operators who have been since 2016 working diligently to kill or capture operational or escaping ISIS rapists and mass murderers who have committed war crimes in Iraq and Syria as well as atrocities in Europe, Canada and the USA. These terrorists are still using the region for staging operations and for hiding themselves and military armaments. They are restricted by the the American group which has effectively created a choke point hampering terrorists traversing from country to country.

In the event that calm diplomacy fails to prevent an escalation, the world’s military superpowers will be in direct conflict.

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