RINJ Foundation Women Warn Mothers to Prepare for War

China Launches New Aircraft Carrier

US Metal Tariffs & Closed Borders are Nuclear war Preparations as China takes control of Asia Pending a US attack on DPRK

 (06/01/2018) Toronto, ON – The RINJ Foundation Women, a Canadian-based Civil Society group warns its members plus mothers and children around the world that The United States is preparing for nuclear war even though it does not say so.

Concomitantly the group says its members and workers in Asia report that China now militarily dominates the South China Sea and East Asian sea lanes with anti-shipping missiles, surface to air missiles, fighter aircraft and heavy bombers. China seems to be preparing for war if the US attacks North Korea.

Today we are warning mothers around the world to prepare for global nuclear war. says the group’s spokesperson Melissa Hemingway. Mothers should read this sensible guideline for creating a reasonably stocked war or natural disaster safe place for your children and other family members.

As support for its warning that war is on the horizon the group advances that the United States has

  • defaulted the Iran Treaty;
  • pulled out of the Paris treaty for climate control;
  • blocked the US borders in a cruel and defiant manner using religious criteria;
  • issued belligerent tariffs against steel and aluminum imports (“for national security reasons”) preparing US manufacturing for war by bolstering domestic output;
  • conducted cruel confiscations of migrant children and looked the other way as DHS rapes and beats children, all of  which is intended to scare away migrants of which there will be millions as the US Nuclear War gains momentum; and
  • the USA Border is gradually closing to all immigrants.

A detailed explanation of its warning is shared on the RINJ web site  and a useful guide for preparing a survival safe room is available here.

RINJ Women are fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.

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