Rape Is No Joke Group Slams Donald Trump

Teaching men not to rape just got harder.

Trump Just Made Teaching Men Not to Rape a lot Harder

Special Media Release (01/03/2018) Toronto, ON – A spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation, a Toronto-based international Civil Society NGO says Donald Trump’s speech last night gives rapists in North America a victim blaming defence and sets the rape culture on fire.

Women and children must be ultra cautious, says Melissa Hemingway, a former medical worker in Syria.

Donald Trump’s cruel mocking, last night, of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony to the US Senate Judicial Committee instills a very negative vibe against women among countless North Americans at a time when women have recently been massacred in Toronto streets for being female and both raped and slaughtered in the tens of thousands in Myanmar.

“Government institutions are failing to protect women and children, in fact government institutions have become the enemy in many nations”, notes Hemingway.

“Donald Trump represents the worst of humanity,” she said. “He is a verbally violent misogynistic world leader.”

Hemingway says, “We ask teachers and community leaders to provide calm counsel to women and girls about personal safety.

Please remind women and girls that if any person touches them in an area their bathing suit covers or kisses them without permission they should immediately get to a safe place and tell a person in authority what has happened.”

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We Stand #WithRefugees as a Coalition Partner

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The RINJ Foundation Women  have floated the idea of hosting or partnering with another  UN Civil Society NGO for a conference on the Global Misogyny Crisis that is threatening the safety of women around the world.

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