Women’s Group in Syria claims Iran Usurped Syria to Attack Israel

HAMAS militia group trained by Iranians

UN Security Council urgently asked to invoke ICC to put  leadership of Iran under ‘Examination’ for the Crime of Aggression against Israel.

Special Release (01/26/2019)  Iran has been preparing hundreds of thousands of militia and regular troops to invade Israel says a Civil Society medical group with personnel in Syria and Iraq. They are asking the UN Security Council to invoke the International Criminal Court’s “Examination” process to learn if charges can be brought against the leadership of Iran under the newest authority of the ICC, for the Crime of Aggression.

Above Photograph: Observers in the regions around Israel assert that Israelis face clear and present danger from Iran’s usurping of Syria and using it to make war on Israel. Here, a fighter of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, military arm of Hamas receives training from Iranian regulars. These and many other militia units in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are training under the command authority of the Iranian Armed Forces and the leadership of Iran. – Photo Credit: Informant-Supplied

The Canadian-based RINJ Foundation, a global civil-society women’s group has protested the mistreatment of women in Iraq and Syria by Iranian militias and has vehemently opposed Iran’s threat to kill Jewish women and children in Israel which the group says that Iran can now likely execute. It’s rational for that assertion is that it claims Iran has since 2011 usurped Syrian political and military governance to achieve de facto control of the Syrian armed forces, its missiles and its menacing chemical weapons.  Iran has also installed and trained literally dozens of surrogate militias in Syria for the same purpose, attacking Israel, and has built substantial overland and aerial routes for shipping armaments to their actors in Syria.

Says Katie Alsop of the RINJ group, “I have spent enough time in the Middle East to know that Iran has caused despicable levels of grief and death to the people of Iraq and to the people of Syria”, said Alsop who has been working as an official of The RINJ Foundation in Iraq and other areas of the Middle East for many years.

“It has been clear to every humanitarian worker who has good connections, especially doctors and nurses in Syria, that Iran has taken over that country for the purpose of launching an invasion of Israel. Ordinary Syrians resent that exploitation of their country’s turmoil. Iran has not yet invaded Israel via Syria yet because of diverging internal opinions on timing and the sword of Damocles hanging over Tehran as the world allies with Israel”, says Ms, Alsop.

“But the world acts too slowly,” she continued, “to save Israel,  Look what happened to Syria since 2011.”

Most recently, a feverish pitch of activity by Iran against Israel including the firing of surface-to-surface missiles last week into Israel is alarming human rights advocates inside both countries. Even more worrisome, Syria itself, under Iranian influence or in the alternative, under Iranian control, has commenced aggression against Israel.

The women’s group has urged opposition elements in Iran to peacefully recall their government and put an end to Iran’s military buildup around Israel; end the violence, and seek governance that provides for the safety of women and children in Iran and their good health and future prosperity.

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