Peace Plan for Yemen

The RINJ Foundation offers straight forward peace plan for Yemen.

“It’s a simple, straightforward interim plan for peace, while certain details are ironed out.”

Special Media Release (08/18/2018) Toronto, ON – Providing special consultative counsel to the United Nations The RINJ Foundation has offered a simple proposal for peace in Yemen from the feminine perspective.

Leaving Syria now for Saudi Arabia, security staff of the global Civil Society women’s group will be interviewing witnesses and perhaps involved parties to learn what they want to do about their part in an aerial bombardment attack, August 9, on a shopping market in Sa’ada’s Majz district in Yemen killing dozens of children and adults. Accused war criminals have various options about where they wish to surrender. See Wire RINJ Women Challenge 3 Countries on Yemeni Child Slaughter.

The Civil Society Women’s organization is registered in Canada as The RINJ Foundation, a non-profit fighting for the safety of women and children around the world. The group says it has hundreds of members in Yemen and some medical personnel in various parts of the country.

The proposal summary is as follows but can also be downloaded:

The Civil Society proposal of RINJ suggests:

  • the arrest of those persons who carried out the attack. (They have admitted to seeing the crowded market);
  • the parties to the conflict will cease fire while the UN does its investigation of Aug. 9 Dahyan events;
  • the parties will begin to implement UN-Humanitarian-Response-Plan-January-to-December-2018-01-20_YEMEN_Final,
  • the parties will make reparations to the families of the dead civilians killed in the terror attack on the Dahyan market, Aug. 9;
  • RINJ says it further intends to ask Michelle Bachelet, a pediatrician, former president of Chile and soon to become United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to bring an assessment team to Yemen and assist in arranging for remedial action for the families of the slain children.

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