RINJ Women Evaluate Trump–Duterte Complicity HR Violations

Us Senator Cory Gardner (R) with Despot Rodrigo Duterte

Trump’s America can’t seem to get enough Human Rights Violations.

Toronto Canada – Fighting for global values and the safety of vulnerable women and children around the world has become an ugly war says the women of the Canada-based global woman’s group,  The RINJ Foundation.

RINJ has just released an analysis of the comparisons of two despots advanced by CNN and The Washington Post.

Photo Courtesy of the White House

The paper is written by three feminists, partly in Arabic and mostly in English.

According to their Canadian-based NGO “The RINJ Foundation which operates medical clinics in Mosul, rape cases in that city prove a pattern of genocide and will lead to a conviction of genocide against the Islamic State in the International Criminal Court, a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war-time rape, genocide, crimes against humanity, and aggression.

RINJ is now suggesting that a similar problem exists in the fragile and failing democracy of the  Philippines where a despotic Philippines president has declared Martial Law and encouraged Martial Law troops loyal to his cause begin to rape Muslim women with absolute impunity guaranteed by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.
Duterte puts women in Danger
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has put these women in extreme danger. – RINJ

Citing documents hacked by Philippines’ enemies in the deeply troubled ASEAN Region, the global women’s group accuses US President Donald Trump of being complicit in the thousands of extra judicial killings, rape, murder and the transition to a dictatorship in the Philippines.

 As evidence of this complicity is a transcript of a conversation between Trump and Duterte plus other leaked documents indicating a parade of US Republicans are cuddling up to Duterte for video and photo-ops supporting this global pariah’s human rights violations.

US Republican Senator on May 31 with Duterte
Duterte Photos Courtesy of Malacanag

The United States according to RINJ has five expanding bases in the Philippines and 107 Special Forces troops in Mindanao operating remotely piloted surveillance drones in support of AFP troops. This is contrary to everything that is being reported in the general media.

Meanwhile, RINJ claims the unrest in the ASEAN region is due to Duterte’s abdication to the Chinese who have completed building “synthetic” military Isles with missiles and bombers in the South China Seas at the same time as operating quasi-military vessels on the Benham Rise getting ready to plunder Philippines natural resources. Vietnam and Japan are rightfully alarmed at this treacherous conduct of Duterte. These nations have nonetheless conducted themselves with utmost diplomacy and decorum while the Philippines goes completely rogue.

Trumps' Republicans buddy up with raping Despot

The Americans in Mindanao can’t be doing a very good job of spotting the homegrown terrorist groups Maute and Abu Sayyaf if you weigh in the fact that yesterday the Philippines Air Force bombed its own AFP Army and killed 11 soldiers.

According to RINJ, the crisis in the Philippines is more about Poverty and the Policies of Rodrigo Duterte than ISIS. Notwithstanding that allegation, the woman’s group says that it has seen Islamic State officials it recognizes from Mosul, Iraq and published a photograph of the location. (RINJ Spots Islamic States Officials it remembers from Mosul but sees in Manila.)

The RINJ Foundation women at the beginning of 2017 published a list of world leaders the group says are violating human rights and in particular, demonstrate significant crimes against women and children. Among these men are Rodrigo Duterte who has caused the murder of over 10,000 innocent Filipinos, some 8,500 since being elected less than a year ago to the frail and failing Philippines democracy (A United Nations rapporteur says Duterte may be guilty of crimes against humanity, meanwhile mass-murder charges against Duterte have been filed in the ICC.) ;  Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State; Bashar al-Assad who has been slaughtering women and children in Syria for the past six years;  Masoud Barzani for condoning the rape of Yezidi women by his own troops and the Islamic State; George Bush whose 2003 invasion of Iraq killed up to a million civilians; and people like Robert Mugabe in Africa who scares all of the foregoing with his extensive list of atrocities.

“The global community must terminate the mystique and power of despots like Bashar al-Asaad or foolish old tyrants like Robert Mugabe. We must not be ruled by fear any longer. We all have authorities in our lives and many of us must follow orders. We must not however carry out an order that willfully brings injustice to others.” — RINJ

In its latest document, the group has condemned:

  • al Quaeda, Islamic State, Abu Sayyaf, Maute, al-Nursra and others for  malicious and hateful ideologies that fuel the violence among Islamist psychopaths against innocent civilians, especially women and children whom they continually rape and slaughter, just like Rodrigo Duterte does.
  • The Trump/Duterte scheme to increase Islamic Jihadist recruiting to distract from Duterte’s issue with UN and ICC which both are in the throes of prosecuting Duterte for mass murder of over 10,000 innocent Filipinos.
  • Condemns Trump’s deceptions, having representatives tell one story to the UN Human Rights Commission while in ‘secret’ (leaked)  phone calls patting the perpetrator on the back.
  • Rodrigo Duterte for his murder of ordinary civilians; Martial Law; encouragement of soldiers to rape; and despotic practices.
  • Donald Trump for his misogyny, lies, and open support for a mass murderer and serial rapist.
  • The United States for its continued crimes against humanity under President Donald Trump.

“Rodrigo Duterte is deliberately fanning the flames of homegrown Islamist Extremism to distract from the Mass Murders he has already committed.  Duterte has given the Martial Law troops ‘Carte Blanche’ for human rights abuses. Duterte is a ‘GIFT’ to Islamic State and other affiliate recruiters. He has already told Martial Law troops to rape Muslim women; declared he intends to ignore Congress, and disobey the Supreme Court. He is behaving exactly like the Islamic State does in areas it occupies.” – RINJ

Disclosure: * Notwithstanding this condemnation of human rights violations by Duterte  The RINJ Foundation has previously applauded Duterte’s support for Reproductive Rights in The Philippines, a significant advance against the draconian Supreme Court chokehold the Catholic Church has put on contraceptives in the Philippines, pushing unwanted childbirths to dangerous heights.

Disclosure **  Notwithstanding this condemnation of Trump’s support of Duterte The RINJ Foundation has applauded the USA representative to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva for vigorously condemning Duterte’s violence and murder of civilians.

Disclosure *** Notwithstand the criticisms of Trump’s complicity with Duterte on Human Rights violations The RINJ Foundation has vigorously applauded US President Donald Trump speech to leaders of 50 Muslim countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council on May 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the eve of Ramadan.

Women and children suffer the Marial LAw of men who believe nin nothing but power

Duterte and Trump come under attack for misogyny and rape.

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