Should US Women Carry A Gun to Shoot Attackers?

Figting for the safety of women and children

Look what happens in the US when Survivors Come Forward

Special Media Release (10/05/2018) Toronto ON —  A women in the Philippines who says she is a rape survivor, is advising American women that the failing rule of law in the United States coupled with a rape culture that has become a raging fire storm, compels them to carry a weapon to prevent being raped.

In an interview, Sharon Santiago, a volunteer working for The RINJ Foundation, a Toronto-based Civil Society women’s group, says she also carries a weapon.

I for one will tear apart the patriarch’s insistence on the silent obedience and unquestioning compliance women must abide without protest, when a man wants them. Didn’t you see that on Brett Kavanaugh’s face as he ripped the US Senate a new one?”

In a compelling commentary in the Feminine Perspective Magazine this week, Santiago says that “Following this fiasco in Washington that sent the status of women to the bottom of the outdoor commode, there will be many suicides across America as a result of rape survivors discovering the hopelessness of their situation. There will also be a spike in the number of rapes. I have seen that before because I have worked as a volunteer on rape hotlines for America.”

She invites women’s feedback and discussion.
Should American Women arm themselves to prevent sexual violence now that the nation doesn’t help or care about violence against women?



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