Trump & Kim have key to Global Nuclear Disarmament

Sculpture depicting St. George slaying the dragon. The dragon is created from fragments of Soviet SS-20 and United States Pershing nuclear missiles. UN Photo/Milton Grant

Trump & Kim have the key to Global Nuclear Disarmament: They Talk

Special Release (09/04/2018) Toronto ON — The Canadian Women’s Group, The RINJ Foundation has advanced a proposal to DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump to create a milestone for Global Nuclear Disarmament talks on or before the United Nation’s International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (26 September).

In a frank discussion with readers from its website, the Canadian global women’s group cites numerous reasons why Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim are ideally suited to lead the charge for Global Nuclear Disarmament.

The United Nations sets aside September 26 as an international day of hope for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The photo of the statue above is a sculpture depicting St. George slaying the dragon. The dragon is created from fragments of Soviet SS-20 and United States Pershing nuclear missiles. (UN Photo/Milton Grant)

The RINJ Foundation Women‘s group also spills the beans with some juicy bits of information garnered by their women members around the world. Iran has a significant nuclear capability for example, and the DPRK (North Korea) doesn’t want war, it wants all of its adversaries around the world to nuclear disarm and it will do the same.

The women’s statement flies in the face of commentary in mainstream media about the June 2018 Singapore Summit being a flop.

The women say the opposite. 

Jhen Alaga of the RINJ Board of Directors says in support of the proposal that “the entire nuclear club of nations would likely enjoy enormous benefits of prosperity and human development if the colossal costs of nuclear weapons development were reassigned to their coffers. The burden of upkeep is like a lead weight on those governments.

“Mr. Trump with Mr. Kim have great potential to bring all nations to the table and begin nuclear disarmament talks in a very real sense. They have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to TALK to each other despite seven decades of their predecessors’ failures to do that.

With Russia’s introduction of a new sinister frontier in destruction, the Kanyon autonomous 100 megaton drone, escalation of nuclear weaponry has re-energized hence the Trump/Kim debacle is just part of the problem. These men have a unique ability for dialogue.What they achieved thus far is extraordinary.

“In all of history, no two men have come together with the real capability of solving the world’s greatest problem”, she added.

Why was Singapore a Success?

North Korea had little intention to quit it’s nuclear weapons program with the snap of fingers. That can take years. Trump & Kim averted war and may be bidding for global nuclear disarmament. That’s Singapore Summit’s success: they talked and continue to talk.

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