Danger to Women & Children in The Philippines

Following the May 23, 2017 declaration of Martial Law in parts of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte made a public statement that makes clear he is itching to declare martial law throughout the country.

Frankly, this is something Mr. Duterte must do in order to retain power because the international community wants him arrested onĀ  suspicion of ordering and causing mass-murder crimes against humanity.

The Philippines is under no threat of rebellion despite the theatrics and visuals in Marawi City.

The Islamic State is present in the Philippines and has been here since 2015. See Video

The Islamic State’s single most effective tool is terror and Rodrigo Duterte is playing right into their hands by over-reacting, declaring Martial Law and removing the human rights of all citizens in the affected regions.

Rape, torture and murder are the features of Martial Law in the Philippines, according to history.

The RINJ Foundation is warning all women and children to

  • stay clear of military and police checkpoints;
  • avoid all contact with the Philippines oppressors and the Islamic State jihadists who have been beckoned to war by Philippines PresidentĀ  Duterte.