Women’s Group slams Trump for Kidnap of Journo Marzieh Hashemi

Toronto-based Global Women’s Group RINJ says John Bolton may be behind the kidnapping of successful women in order to miff patriarchs rivalling Donald Trump’s *RiffRaff Administration

Press TV journalist from Iran grabbed getting off plane in St. Louis now forced to testify before a US Grand Jury on a secretive matter.

Special Release (01/21/2019) TORONTO, ON – The RINJ Foundation Women, a Toronto-based global Civil Society group has lashed out at the American detention of a highly cited journalist who has been outspoken for the safety of women and children.

Sharon Santiago, a director of The RINJ Foundation,
says the group has learned that the United States 13 January detention of Marzieh Hashemi was indeed a kidnap for political purposes.

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Santiago claims that information from women, sources close to the John Bolton (Trump’s National Security Advisor who seems to act more like a Secretary of Defense) anti-Iran conspiracy in Washington DC, suggests that Bolton has been behind the detention of successful women in order to lever patriarchal rivals to Donald Trump’s collection of misfit males in an unprecedented low-calibre cabinet. 

“The most recent US action against women is to kidnap a female journalist who is a champion of humanitarian action and women’s rights”, Santiago said.

The RINJ Foundation Women say that journalists working on the Marzieh Hashemi story have shared accounts of similar statements of observers who don’t want to be quoted for fear of reprisals from the John Bolton neo-con clique.

Regardless of Bolton’s involvement, the wrongful detention of Marzieh Hashemi for seemingly improper purpose must be remedied by the immediate release of Ms. Hashemi and a fair and reasonable compensation for hers and her family’s suffering must be delivered to her without delay, says the women’s group.

“Discouraging democratic functions like a free press to the government of Iran is not consistent with Global Values and neither is the conduct of this Trump Administration in general”, says the CEO of the RINJ Foundation, Mr. Micheal O’Brien of Toronto. 

The RINJ group has repeatedly drawn attention to a change in the character of America since Trump took office two years ago today, in particular what the group describes as misogynistic violations of human rights.

Among the complaints the RINJ group has made to the global community is the rising number of children confiscated from migrant women at US borders; the tear gassing of migrant children and their families; the deaths of confiscated children in US custody; the draconian nature of Trump’s global gag order on reproductive rights of women and their partners; Trump’s mistreatment of women; the kidnap of Sabrina Meng; and the atrocities of American actors in Yemen, particularly the 9 August 2018 slaughter of a school busload of children near Sana’a, Yemen.

“Ms. Marzieh Hashemi is an extraordinary journalist, an integral part of the global information sharing effort to report about and maintain the safety of children and their families. Her work is crucial to a human-development oriented society. She must be freed in order to continue her work”, the RINJ executive added.

* Footnote explainer of “RiffRaff“: Chris Christie, the former Republican New Jersey governor who served on President Trump’s transition team, has in a book he wrote, described Mr. Trump’s cabinet as “riffraff” comprised of “amateurs,” “weaklings” and “unconvicted felons.”

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