Women’s March Should Read: The Scars of Survival

 The Scars of Survival: A Collection of Suffering and Sacrifice

The novel women and men need to read today: Here is why ‘The Scars of Survival’ should be on your reading list.

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Special News Release (03/13/2019) Toronto ONThe RINJ Foundation Women  a Toronto-based global Civil Society women’s group is urging men and women to read a new novel that sets out from real life experiences how the global pandemic of sexual violence impacts survivors.

“Some days I cannot express in words what I have seen first hand because it has traumatized metoo,” says Dr. Buni, an RSAC surgeon dealing with women’s medical issues in a Syrian trauma centre. She survived a city of harassment, enslavement, sexual assault, rape and murder of thousands of women and children during the occupation and scourge of women in Mosul, Iraq by ISIS from June 04, 2014 to Spring 2017. In one instance her many hours of painstaking surgery, prepping the patient for additional surgeries later, saved the life of a teenager who had been kidnapped by an ISIS fighter who pressed his assault rifle into her vagina and fired a round, such was the trauma to women in that time. “Today there is silence and fear,” she said.

“I strongly urge women to read Ally Trust’s book, The Scars of Survival...,” says Dr. B. who is still in harm’s way along with many other women in the Syrian war zones.

This new book approaches rape #WithRefugees with the severity and tact the subject matter deserves instead of making people’s pain fetishistic,” says Sharon Santiago, the South East Asia regional Director for The RINJ Foundation.

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With so many forms of media using human trafficking or sexual slavery as fan service to entice unsavory audiences, a story that actually portrays the grim reality of the situation is desperately needed. Readers need to learn that rape is not just some plot device, it’s imperative that they recognize this atrocity for not just what it really is, but for how unfortunately common and widespread it is as well. Only by exposing people to the truth and refusing to let them claim ignorance can real change and efforts to correct it ever happen, and The Scars of Survival: A Collection of Suffering and Sacrifice is just the wake-up call the world requires.


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