Found Safe – Teen Shaylene Dixon

We have a good outcome. Shaylene Dixon has been found and she is safe.

RINJ Medical Professionals Warn of Danger when kids go missing.

According to Sharon Santiago, a RINJ Expert in Child Recovery, “The children we track into the global child sex slavery trade meet a fate that makes death look good. You need to find Shaylene Dixon because you in Canada are not even capable of imagining what we have seen that happens to kidnapped children.

Shaylene Dixon – Missing Teen since 29 June, 2017

We (The RINJ Foundation) take every missing child case seriously while at the same time we work with authorities and our volunteer teams to dismember the criminal gangs and abolish child sex slavery.

If a missing child is found it is the happiest of occasions no matter how the incident unfolded. Children wander off; children have mood issues; children get lost; children play tricks; children get kidnapped; children get abused; children are murdered;  so when a child is missing, it is the community’s responsibility to drop what it is doing and find the child. The future safety of your community depends on that change in your thinking.

Fight for the saafety of women and children.

Toronto, Canada  — The Canadian global women’s group, The RINJ Foundation has identified the south western region of Alberta, where a 15-year-old teen recently went missing, as a hot-spot for violence toward children and young women that requires a specific and concerted response from police and all levels of society.

According to the RINJ Foundation‘s South East Asia project manager Sharon Santiago, children from Canada are now fetching a high price on the child sex trade auction block. 

“This form of crime is one of the fastest growing threats to the safety of women, children and their families,” says the highly-experienced RINJ field worker. 

“We are not sure why but it is clear Canada has a growing problem  with unsolved missing or murdered children and young women from certain Canadian demographic groups.”

“Criminals seem to be adding a premium to American and Canadian kids. When a child goes missing, whole communities need to drop what they are doing and find the child,” says Santiago.

The case of Shaylene Dixon came to light on June 29th, eight days after the RINJ women’s group launched its fifth annual campaign against child abduction and sex slavery.

Please, Sothern Alberta, drop what you are doing and find this child.

Please drop what you are doing and find this child.

Shaylene Dixon may be in Canada or US but could be Anywhere

You may contact RINJ by email if you can help recover this child

Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada) Police Service is asking the public’s assistance in locating Shaylene Dixon (15).

Shaylene was last seen in Lethbridge, Alberta, on June 29 , 2017.

Police are concerned for Shaylene. RINJ fears she may be drawn into the global child sex trade rings.

Shaylene is a female child, 15 years old, brown hair, brown eyes 5’7″ tall, (110 lbs) and was wearing white shorts.

Any person with information about Shaylene Dixon’s whereabouts, or who has observed her since June 29, 2017, is asked to contact the Lethbridge Regional Police Service at 403-328-4444 or…

Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

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