Women’s Group Challenges Trump on Yemeni School Bus Massacre

Cause of Action Against Donald TrumpClick image to enlarge. Art Credit: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective Magazine

9 August 2018 Bombing of a School Bus in Dahyan Market that Killed Dozens of Young Children is on the USA

WireService.ca Media Release (10/27/2018) Toronto, ONThe RINJ Foundation, a civil society women’s group based in Toronto has released a statement comprising a cause of action against the Donald Trump Administration in the United States. The group is leading and supporting a class of Plaintiffs in the nation of Yemen whose children were massacred on 9 August when an American bomb was dropped on their school bus.

“That should have been a beacon to the world, illuminating the dire situation in Yemen”, said Micheal O’Brien, the CEO of The RINJ Foundation.

“Accountability for killing children and their families must amount to large sums of money being paid in compensation plus accompanying embarrassment to politicians who make these wrong-minded decisions that put civilians in harm’s way,” he added. “Then maybe it will not happen again.”

Since 9 August the United Nations investigative team in Yemen has said that the vast majority of the ten to twenty thousand civilians in Yemen who have been killed were indeed killed by airstrikes and that there are “serious concerns about the targeting process” in which the USA is heavily involved.

According to Katie Alsop of the RINJ group, “in letters and in public statements The RINJ Foundation clearly explained to the head of state of the United States of America that, in case it did not know the facts, its target acquisition, tracking and weapons guidance done explicitly to assist Saudi Arabian males flying US-built aircraft carrying US-made 500lb bombs and other war weapons, killed dozens of young children in a school bus in Yemen.”

Moreover, this is a pattern that this so-called proxy war has taken.

The United States was strongly urged to compensate the families of the deceased from 9 August through 25 October. The US has ignored its responsibility.

Saudi Arabia issued a statement of apology

“The United States is responsible for the cost of what damage its weapons cause in the hands of people acting as USA surrogates”, says Katie Alsop.

The Yemeni civilians these men are slaughtering, they claim are aligned with Iran and thereby “deserve to die”, according to their doctrine. The beliefs and concomitant tactics  of this so-called Coalition (of Donald Trump, Mohammad bin Salman, Omar al-Bashir, and Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan) which daily looks more like a racist, genocidal conspiracy, has killed tens of thousands of civilians. This collection of the worst monsters in history (because they have the impunity unlimited money can buy), has jeopardised the lives of 1.3 million who now are infected with cholera; and another 8 million Yemenis which living group is being whittled down in numbers by malnutrition and outright starvation if not by bombs. That will predictably continue until they are gone.

Plaintiffs in a class legal action pending against the United States contend that Defendant, the United States of America, was entered into a contract with the other Defendants to act as a whole to kill civilians by military means for the purpose of terrorizing the Yemeni people into submission to governance by the defendants.

  1. Trial jurisdiction of this cause of action may be set by the plaintiff.
  2. The plaintiff is a class of Yemeni people.
  3. The plaintiff claims damages in the amount of $1,227,430.00 for each child killed on 9 August at the Dahyan Market and no less than $50k up to $950k to any person in Sa’dah Governorate of Yemen who joins the class and claims a remedy.

If you should be a member of this class, tell us who you are at: https://talkback.rinj.org